The history of Pipa Beach

The History of Pipa Beach

At the time of the colonization of Brazil, Portuguese ships explored the famous pau-brasil and Praia de Pipa was one of the stopping points. Travelers saw a stone from afar that became a landmark. This stone was shaped like a barrel of wine or oil, and in Portugal, these barrels are called pipa. Thus, the nickname “Praia de Pipa” arose. The stone still exists and continues with the same format, just below the Chapadão.

On old maps, Pipa was registered with different names. In 1515 it was called “Oratapipy”, in 1550 “Oracampica”, in 1574 “Itacoatisara”, in 1625 “Ponta da Pipa”, in 1626 “Itacoatiara” and in 1643 “Tapuya paraçoitaba”. However, the official name was due to the first nickname received and today the region is known as Praia de Pipa, located in Tibau do Sul.

The region located between the Guaraíras lagoon and the Atlantic Ocean gave rise to the town of Tibau. The Tupi natives named the place “between two waters”, due to its location. Nearby, a channel was built to drain the waters of the Jacu River to the Lagoon. One year before a major flood, the canal was completed, and the local fauna and flora changed drastically. The Guaraíras Lagoon, which used to be freshwater, became saline, and mangroves, crabs, aratus, fish typical of the Atlantic coast, dolphins and sea turtles appeared in the area.

From colonization to legends

The legends and history of Pipa beach also arouse curiosity and are part of the local history. According to the stories, the Indian Tabajara cried on Praia do Amor after losing her great love who went fishing and never returned. It is said that her tears opened a hole in the stone that is known today as “Pedra Furada”. Although it is not known if the story is true, it is still believed that touching or passing under Pedra Furada will bring luck in love!

The same winds that brought the Portuguese at the time of discovery, in 1988, brought a young man from Rio de Janeiro. He disembarked tired from the long journey on the bumpy road in the late afternoon. However, in addition to being tired, he was dazzled by that enchanting scenery. That beauty made him sure that that would be her place in his heart.

In 1990, the young man returned to Pipa with his partner. This time to stay! They bought a land of 16,000 m² between Praia do Centro and Praia do Amor. When they arrived, the small mountain had been cleared for planting cassava and was just a dune with little vegetation and large cracks opened by rainwater. They turned this steep and dry area into a green mound that stands out in the landscape!

With a lot of love and patience, Mirante Hill was completely reforested and is now taken over by native trees, birds and small mammals. The village grew around it and, in the midst of this magnificent scenery, there are buildings, chalets and houses that make up the village complex.

Pousada Mirante de Pipa e do Mirante Sunset Bar.

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