10 things to do in PIPA RN

We put together a special itinerary with 10 activities you need to do to get to know the best of Pipa/RN, a destination with rest and fun for children, couples, families, adventurers, in short, a paradise for everyone!

Check out our list of ideas from sunrise to long after sunset!

  1. See the sunrise at Chapadão: this is one of the most beautiful peaks in Pipa! In addition, access is easy and the place is very spacious, ready to make contact with the exuberant nature of the place.
    Spend a day at the beach and lots of waves in the Praia do Amor: surfistas do mundo todo se apaixonam por essa praia única, você também vai se apaixonar. Se aventure no surf, você vai amar a experiência!
  2. Pôr do sol no Mirante de Pipa 🤩🤩🤩

    surfers from all over the world fall in love with this unique beach, you will too. Venture into surfing, you will love the experience!

    Sunset at Mirante de Pipa Without modesty: it is one of the most beautiful and unforgettable in the world! In our various levels and spaces, there is plenty of space and beauty for you to experience this unique experience!
    Swimming with dolphins is an unforgettable experience in Pipa. Furthermore, when taking a boat trip through Baía dos Golfinhos, you can immerse yourself in the life and nature of the region and, depending on the time of year, even swim with the owners of the bay!
    Raft ride in Barra do Cunhaú: you will realize how much simple things gain immeasurable value in this paradisiacal view.
    Jeep ride! Add a little adventure to your trip with a dune tour in Pipa.


  4. Enjoying the tranquility of Praia do Madeiro is a great option in Pipa, as the sea is a perfect pool for children to enjoy safely.
    Have a Drink at Nativos: a bar located in the center of the village, in the famous gallery “Vila Mangueira”. A place that resembles the architecture of Greece, in addition, this is a stop that always yields great photos.
    Speaking of “Vila Mangueira”, take the opportunity to walk around and buy handicrafts from our locals. Be it a piece of clothing, decoration or other genres, everything has its unique charm and will awaken good memories in you.
    Closing the list: dinner and a movie under the stars at the Filha da Lua restaurant. Sophisticated, with a kitchen of the highest standard, facing the sea. By the way, on full moon nights they offer live music and an unforgettable movie session under the stars, you certainly cannot miss this attraction.


    Now tell me! Which of the 10 things to do in PIPA RN did you like the most?

    Plan your trip now, come and visit Pipa and stay at Mirante de Pipa, the best hotel to stay very close to all these wonders with all the comfort your trip deserves!

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